Meet the New Misfits

L-R: Joe Gilgun, Nathan McMullen, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Matt Stokoe, Karla Crome

Wonderland-NovDec-01The E4 sci-fi drama Misfits inspires such devotion that even a casting notice going up will inspire a frenzy of internet analysis, so let’s hope its three new cast members – all newcomers to primetime TV – are ready to be mobbed when its fourth season actually goes on air. As they eat mac’n’cheese in a room above a Hampstead church hall with returning actor Joe Gilgun, best known as adorable skinhead Woody in This Is England, they could be any gang of friends killing a sunny Friday afternoon, listening to music and taking the piss out of each other. Joe and Matt Stokoe provide a steady stream of sexual innuendo, mockery and surreal digressions about things like smoking guacamole, while Karla Crome dispenses sarcasm and politically incorrect jokes from the sofa and Nathan McMullen appears in what’s described by Joe as “a Christmas jumper and a retard smile.” They say that fame changes people, but with this lot it seems unlikely.

Joe Gilgun: Rudy


Like his This Is England character, the tattoo-covered Joe Gilgun may have a swagger and a filthy mouth, but he’s clearly a big softie. He lives in a caravan in the middle of the woods near his “lovely mum,” and talks about how being diagnosed as bipolar earlier this year turned the set into “fucking Dawson’s Creek; every morning I come in and tell them how I’m feeling.” He says that Rudy, his character in Misfits who was introduced last season, is “just a parody of who I am,” and that he’s “equally as fucking stupid as he was last year.” Look out for corpsing in Season Four – there was a lot of “pissing yourself to the extent that it’s actually starting to ruin everyone’s day a little bit” – and for the scene where Joe accidentally cracks the glass on a vending machine with his head by “acting against it; acting dead hard.”

Matt Stokoe: Alex


If Rudy is going to continue to be the weird one in the series, it looks like Alex is going to be the heartthrob. The 23-year-old Matt Stokoe plays, in his words, “a bit of a moody loner” in the vein of James Dean and Marlon Brando. He also has a power that will be revealed halfway through the season, so it’s top secret, “which is just as well,” according to Joe Gilgun, “because I don’t think you’d be able to print it. It’s fucking disgusting.” According to Matt, “when I told my dad he just sighed.” After this, Matt will be shooting BBC drama The Village, and his dream is to follow the likes of Tom Hardy from Brit TV to Hollywood. “When I watched Stuart: A Life Backwards, I was like, ‘Fuck! He’s so good!’” Matt says. “Now he’s the main baddie in Batman. The sky’s the limit, for all of us.”

Nathan McMullen: Finn


Just as Nathan is asked if anything went wrong for him during filming, he lights a cigarette and manages to fireball his eyelashes at the same time. “What, like that?” he asks, as assorted cast members laugh at him. “I can actually smell burning hair.” The 24-year-old, five-foot-four Liverpudlian, who has clear blue eyes and dark, curly hair, was cast as a minor role in Season 3, but told he could gamble it for a lead part next year. He took the risk, and is now playing Finn, an eager-to-please optimist who’s struggling to master his telekinetic powers. Being one of the new kids on set was a “daunting” experience, he says – especially as he was already an admirer of Joe’s work – but “there’s not a day that goes by that I’m not in tears with laughter.”

Karla Crome: Jess


Being the only girl on a set full of lads wasn’t easy for Karla, who admits to being the “moody” one of the group, but like her character, who has “a hard edge to her,” she’s no damsel in distress. “They were very clear there were looking for personalities,” Karla says of the casting crew; “I think to an extent Joe is Rudy, and there are massive similarities between me and Jess.” The character has x-ray vision, which doubles up as a nice metaphor for her ability to detect bullshit. A big fan of superheroes, Karla’s dream is to take over from Halle Berry as Storm in an X-Men origins movie, although it’s not the celebrity lifestyle she’s after. “My idea of a perfect evening,” she says, “is going round my friend’s house, getting a Chinese and watching Supersize vs Superskinny in a tracksuit. I’m not a party animal.”

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