Spencer LoFranco: Heartthrob In Training

nicki-minaj-by-matt-irwin-for-wonderland-magazine-february-march-2012A lot of teenage girls are going to fall in love with Spencer Lofranco when his first film comes out this spring – and I’m halfway through asking if he’s ready for that when he shouts, “Yes!” with a big, goofy laugh. “I’m dying!” The 20-year-old, who grew up in Toronto and has just moved to LA, has been single for almost six months.

“I’m really lonely,” he sighs. “I hope that happens.”

Leonardo DiCaprio is the first name on a long list of acting heroes he mentions, and like DiCaprio, he has an open, sensitive face, and an affinity for tough roles. In Jamesy Boy, Lofranco plays real-life reformed criminal James Burns, who turned around his life in a maximum-security prison under the wing of a convicted murderer. To prepare, Lofranco spent a year hanging out with Burns himself: lifting weights, going for drinks, talking about their lives. When the movie was finally shot, Burns was on set every day.

That’s a lot of pressure for a first-time actor – especially when his supporting cast is made up of veteran stars like Mary-Louise Parker and James Woods, who have armfuls of Emmys and Golden Globes between them – but Lofranco is tougher than he looks. After high school, he spent four years at a military academy, and that training (“showing up on time, having a plan, not being afraid of anything”) was helpful. Plus, he’s a Libra, he points out, so he knows how to keep an even keel.

The plan was to go on to law school, but Lofranco had always had a sense that “something big was going to happen in my life.” He took some acting classes at UCLA and the New York Film Academy, and got the Jamesy Boy part after his first-ever audition. On the shoot, he picked up tips from Parker and Woods, watching the way they ignored distractions between takes. “It was cool to see. I didn’t know how fucking passionate people are about this acting thing, you know?” When they wrapped, both he and Burns made speeches. “It was one of the proudest, most vulnerable and amazing moments I’ve ever had in my life.”

Since then, he’s already played Andy Garcia’s son in the rom-com Middleton, signed up with the A-list talent agency William Morris, and is preparing for pilot season – but until his debut performance hits cinema screens, he’s just another Hollywood hopeful, “getting up in the morning and doing what I gotta do.” He should probably enjoy the calm while he can: he’s not going to be lonely for long.

13 Responses to “Spencer LoFranco: Heartthrob In Training”

  1. tiffany

    This kid is gorgeous, not to mention a great actor! Would be great to be 20 again!

    • Sonja keyc

      I know rite. He will most likely get cast in one of these new movies that was a book first about vamps or wolves or some thing. How ever I feel he would fit the role !
      🙂 and again like you said what it would be to be 20 again LOL

  2. taylor lofranco

    Well he doesnt have to be lonely. Because im am right here. The whole time I was watching Jamesy Boy I couldnt help but think how handsome he is. And then by the end of the movie I knew he was talented too. There is nothing more attractive than a man with talent. It would be really nice to get to know him on a personal level. Anyways hes a great actor and I hope he becomes as successful as he desires.

  3. Angel

    WOW WOW WOW!! I just watched Jamesy boy today and im really impressed this movie is amazing and this Spencer Lofranco is a awesome actor not to mention he’s wonderful eye candy!! 😉 ♥

  4. idalis rivera

    El es el mas lindo hombre que yo a visto y yo quiero que agas mas peliculas porque tu fue el mas bien en el pelicula “Jamesy Boy”

  5. Tiffany Duffiney

    Spencer Lofranco was such an amazing actor the part in jamesy boy where he was crying on the couch literally had me she’d a tear to see such a gorgeous guy cry like that. He’s seriously amazing i would so want a chance with him if I ever got. I’m 20 years old and would love to have a shot 🙂

  6. Khadirah

    Spencer is a great actor. I can watch “Jamesy Boy” all day. Overall its a great movie & Spencer is so freakin handsome. I think my boyfriend noticed how interested I was into this movie. Its a good movie & the lead role is handsome, I hope Spencer continues to be a great actor & stay handsome. . Wish I had a chance to meet him, I need to learn how to stop hiding my talent.

  7. Graphics blogger

    Single for 6 months and he says hes really lonely. Okaaaay wow. Six months is nothing. You don’t know what real loneliness is. Although I guess if he lives alone, without his family that would be lonely. I mean, I have no idea about his circumstances. It just irritates me when people complain about being single for a measly six months.

  8. Clarisat

    I think he is beutiful i love the movie i can watch it over and over again (:

  9. Angelica Guerrero

    I just finished watching Jamesy boy & finished reading about spencer, I’m 16 years old, living in El Paso, Tx. Well all I have to say about Lofranco is that he’s very talented & since he’s pretty new he shouldn’t date none of these artists, he needs someone out in the real world, well he’s a very very good actor & very attractive so keep up the good work spencer !

  10. Ayanda Mandisa

    Great movie indeed, awesome actors and Spencer’s got a great future ahead…In no time he will be complaining about girls chasing him.

  11. Jessica

    I love the way he portrayed himself in Jamesy boy, he was no punk. A pretty boy, wish I could be 20 again.

  12. kacey moreno

    I love you jamsy boy. Your sooooooo talented and amazingly handsome.


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