Middle East

Sketch for a cover of the Beiruti comic-book anthology Samadal, by Jana Traboulsi

I’ve been writing about contemporary culture from the Arab world since 2009, talking to novelists, graffiti artists, slam poets, playwrights, rappers, metal bands, film makers, comic-book writers, activists, coders, skateboarders, business leaders and many others from Kuwait to Beirut to Cairo.

Among the publications in the region that I write for are:

-The National (Abu Dhabi): I’ve been regularly contributing to the daily newspaper since 2009, and currently write a fortnightly app-review column for the Business section as well as writing long-form analyses of albums and other art for the Review supplement, and interviewing everyone from telecoms executives to Syrian TV writers for Arts&Life.

-Alef magazine (Doha): I’ve interviewed performance artists, graffiti artists, music producers and filmmakers for this art magazine catering to the Gulf.

-Vision magazine (Dubai): I’ve written extensively about tech trends and innovation (especially in developing economies) for this quarterly, which is read by business leaders in the Middle East, Africa, India and China.

-Shawati’ (Abu Dhabi): I’ve examined topics like social entrepreneurship, solar-powered aeroplanes, mindfulness and the history of the Emirates for this beautifully packaged quarterly.

-Al Jazeera America (Doha/New York): I’ve written op-eds for the channel’s website on US military propaganda and on the rise of China’s film industry.

-The Outpost (Beirut): I worked closely with the playwright and free-speech activist Lucien Bourjeily on an article and infographic for the award-winning independent magazine dedicated to the concept of possibility.


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